Games Description

  • Moutsos or Apalethia

It was an individual game.Each child or young playing for himself, not for the team. After the group were composed of players and was in the necessary negotiations for ‘fair play’, were in ‘jiffy’ a little grit (about 10 cm) ‘, the moutsos, somewhat squared at the base to stand upright in the soil of the field.

On the moutsos  the players placed – balanced the lump coins, as was an agreed distance of the shot. Each player held in his hand, apaleti ‘own choice from the surrounding farmland, which was a stone disc with a diameter of about 20 cm and a thickness of 2 – 3 cm.

Threw the apaleti in turn anyone aiming the moutsos. When they succeed and scatter  around the coins, taking only those closest to apaleti and not the moutsos. Then  followed the next, trying to achieve with the best distance apaleti coins from the deck hand until they run out, for rebuilding the moutsos and start again.

  • Deli

Played by two children, opposing or rival couples children. The game is of two kinds:

A) only

On a squared stone of about 20 – 30 cm place a small rod length of about 250cm normally , mulberry, so half is protruding. The player hits the point that sticks out in a larger wooden stick, again, some mulberry 60 cm was thrown in front of a similar distance by hitting 10, 20 or 30 m. The opponent tries to catch the wind a small rod and when succeeded, winning the first position, exchange roles as the first is now chasing the stick.

B) Double

It differs from the ’single’ to the two ends of sticks placed on top of two stones which are spaced about two palms. The player with the big bar lifts somewhat short for a hit on a powerful forward and to follow same procedure with the enemy player. The double-del ‘requires more skill, the hits are harder and the game itself is most impressive about this is also played by older children.

  • Sow

The sow was played with nine people. Everybody was keeping a timber, which was made from agkyranoverges. In the middle we have a pond that contains the sow (ntenekedaki) and symmetrically surrounded by eight other smaller streams. Through the central hole put the sow and the players are trying to take off from there, shouting “Let’s go to sow grazing ‘!

Just remove from the hole, run them all and try to get into a little pit of 8 together with the rod. One player did not manage to get into a hole and tried to sing the sow to put the hole in one of his rivals but hit him with the rod.

If he is hit, he tries again to put it to another pit. But if he managed not to hit him and  put it in a pit, the owner of the pit took a sow and we were returning it around and the game started  again from scratch.