Path To Nature

In the village Lyttos there are several routes in nature that one can follow .

Leaving the village by going to the village Askoi Pediados on the left there is  a road that leads to the source Spyridiano. Going to the source one can see the church of St. Spyridon. Going down can be refreshed with water dripping from a stone source, whatever the shape of the head of the goat, and to rest under the shade of the sycamores and walnuts . Before we get to the source to our left we see the old bottling plant that flourished 50 years ago.

Following the road to the bottles one can visit the Churches of St. George and the Holy Cross and enjoy the greenery and beautiful views of the valley from above .It will also be able to see archaeological sites, the Parliament House and the Roman Forum.

Also you can visit the site Volaka either by car or by walking 1700 meters . There is the Church of St. John Russian, where visitors can admire the magnificent view unfolding  and the fantastic sunset . The view stretches from the mountains Asterousia continues in Psiloritis, spins and ends in Iraklion Bay Peninsula. Among all these observers can see most of the hinterland of  Heraklion.

From the village’s square, along the left street where you will find a metaxodentro (mulberry), where the plate leads to the oldest Byzantine church in the wider region. Nestled in an exquisite environment dominated by cypresses and several gardens. Following the main track meet spring, summer and winter in which there is plenty of water .. It is worth mentioning that the older stories from the then village women wash their clothes there. Enjoying the scenery, the trail that turns us into another church, St. John in Romanito, located near the village Polythea.

Another route, which has a different beauty from the others, and this is due to the large area occupied by trees. Before we get along well in the village, meet the left hand mill in the village, immediately after the sign shows the way right and continue right and walk along a rural path straight. Following the farm road about 300 m to find the second sign points the way to St. George in Atsipara .Our church is there, surrounded by olive trees and many oak trees  where you can stop to rest on the benches enjoying the beautiful scenery … Following the path we come to the village Diavaide Pediados ..

And our last trip, we are walking to the Ancient Liktos. Crossing the bridge and the raki boiler of the village a sign that shows us the right uphill, where we can see tracks from cobbles from the heyday of ancient Lyktos. In the region of the hill, there were 9 wind mills, four are now in somewhat good condition, in which residents used the old days to grind the corn. Continuing the route, which is a bit rough, we arrive at the ancient Parliament House under St. George.