The War Against Lyttos

In 220 BC Lyktos is at war with Ierapytna (Ierapetrites), but did not leave enough to guard their city. Knossos and Gortyna become  alliances, as reported by Polybius and raised all over Crete under their control. Thus occupied, the city of Lyttos without war, captured the women and burned the town after the excavated from the foundation.

When the people of Lyktos turned and saw the destruction were despaired so much that had not the courage to rebuild the ruined city. Having mourned their fate, went to Lapa, where they were welcomed with sympathy.

Lyktos was rebuilt with the help of the Spartans. They  have not acquired the old power, but became one of the most important cities and allied with the Ierapetra and Olounda (Elounda). Even with the Driros that were separates by great hatred, became quite good relations.

He took part in the coalition of 30 cities in Crete with Eumenes II, king of Pergamon. During the Roman occupation, resisted the Metellus, who finally won with guns. The Roman period was distinguished for his activity in the arts. Finest surviving Roman statues of Marcus Aurelius and Trajan, found in Lyttos and adorn the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion (Room XX).