Association of Friends of St.John the Russian of Volaka

The “Association of the Friends of Saint John the Russian of  Volaka created in 2005 and is a non-profitable association with a variety of purposes. The main ones are:

  • Highlighting the rich cultural heritage and natural scenic village of Lyttos and the region of  Pediados Heraklion.
  • The contribution to shaping the church St. John the Russian volaki and the introduction of various religious and cultural events are centered the namesake church.
  • Working with local authorities to carry out various projects related mainly to the village Littos.

The majority of club members reside or originate from the village Littos, but it avoids any involvement in it.

So far the club has made many events and projects, which are based on the principles, values and ideals advocated by the club.

A major project so far is to redevelop the surrounding area of St. John Church Russian of Volaka. A large part of the costs covered by membership fees and the cultural activities of the club with a dominant organizing traditional dances in Athens in 2005.

In parallel, it sets annual traditional meal, which is free, after the solemn praise to the grace of the Holy (27 May). Moreover, with initiative and expenses of members of the Board acquired image of St. John the Russian, which was created by monks of Mount Athos. In 2007, the sacred image moved with the procession of pilgrims, from the village Littos as the namesake church, was given to the village priest Emmanuel C. Papakanderaki and showed a sacred pilgrimage. In addition, there is, from 2009, band and Monk  hat which have been in the holy mass at the  Holy relics of St. John the Russian in Prokopi Evia, which has since been exposed to a pilgrimage.

Also, at the initiative of the club we have done multi-day cultural institution – sports focusing on the village and the church, conducted the first fortnight of August. These events bear the name “VOLAKEIA, and include a race with the slogan” I  run to catch THE MY PLACE ‘and revival of traditional games, like Delon, the sow and apalethia. In 2007 a game, Treasure Hunt, which was intended for the younger to learn and remember some of the biggest pieces of the history of the village Littos. Another event is now established and Aposperida involving all women of the village closer interpersonal relationships.

Simultaneously, in 2009 began working with an organization known as alternative tourism ‘CLUB 3000′, which is based in France. This includes  guided nature walks and sights of the village. The club plans in consultation with CLUB 3000 to organize cultural – ecological effects.

Finally, the club has participated as a donor to several charitable organizations such as UNICEF.

It is important to note that the success of all events is due mostly to the overwhelming participation, attendance, support and assistance from all members and residents of the village.

The current composition of the Board, which emerged after the elections held in March 2008 are: Mary Kornelakis (chairman), George Papadakis (Vice President), Stelios Mourmouris (secretary), Marietta Papadogeorgi (treasurer) and members Eleftherios Apostolakis, George Campanos and Babis Papadogiorgakis.